PMX Guide To Privacy Window Film Solutions

Download Guide The type of privacy coating to recommend will depend on your client’s specific requirements. We are often asked for ‘one-way’ films. Normally, a Silver or Dual Reflective 5 or 15% will be sufficient but it is always important to explain to the client they only work during daylight hours, i.e. when it is […]

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PMX Guide To Solar Films

Download Guide Solar films solve a number of glass-related problems commonly found in commercial and domestic buildings, including excessive heat, glare, privacy and fading issues. Benefits for clients include improved productivity and morale, reduced energy consumption and significant improvements to the look of a building. Selecting the correct film should always start with identifying the […]

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PMX Guide To Manifestations

Download Guide Manifestations are required for glazed doors and full-height glass to prevent injury from accidental collision within commercial & public buildings. Document K (Building Regulations) provides a comprehensive overview of the regulations and states, at a minimum, manifestations need to be at two heights (850mm-1000mm and 1400mm-1600mm) and be in the form of a […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Boat Wraps, Graphics, Films & Tints

Introduction Let’s face it, boating can be an expensive past time. However, in recent years a new product has taken the industry by storm. In times gone by if you wanted to refresh the look of your boat you’d have to get it painted. This would involve lots of preparation work in the form of […]

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Ultimate Guide To Window Films

Introduction to Window Films Whether it’s in the office or at home, sometimes there is just too much sunlight. This can cause unwanted glare on screens and reflective surfaces. It can also make working and living environments uncomfortably warm. The answer: window films. Or how about a lack of privacy or security. How do you […]

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