PMX Guide To Manifestations

Manifestations are required for glazed doors and full-height glass to prevent injury from accidental collision within commercial & public buildings.

Document K (Building Regulations) provides a comprehensive overview of the regulations and states, at a minimum, manifestations need to be at two heights (850mm-1000mm and 1400mm-1600mm) and be in the form of a repeated pattern or solid line, not less than 50mm in height.

Manifestations have to contrast visually with the surrounding area so generally a light colour works best.

Frosted vinyl has the appearance of etched glass and can look favourable to solid colours.

Dots are still the most popular shape, partly as they look clean but also from a practical standpoint as they withstand cleaning and other physical contact better than shapes with corners such as squares or rectangles.

The design does not have to be limited to a double-height repeated pattern and could be the clients company logo or themes based on the area of the building.

A shape of at least 150mm in height can be used, as long as it is repeated on any stretches of glazing.

The two minimum manifestation heights shown depicted on an illustration of a door (850mm-1000mm and 1400mm-1600mm)

Manifestation Example

In this installation, glazed partitions required both manifestations and also some element of privacy.

Frosted banding at differing heights was agreed upon.

Glazed partitions manifested with frosted banding within an office building

Manifestations Case Study

Manifestation at a Hampshire Church

The client was having some internal building works including glazed panels and doors and wanted markings.

They wanted us to replicate two patterns found on some embroidered fabrics found within the church, so we recreated the artwork and produced the frosted design for the installation.


Glazed door with Hampshire church manifested with artwork matching frosted designs


PMX can design and supply all types of manifestation on both a supply only and an installation basis

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