Automotive Films

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Quite simply, we believe we have the best range of automotive tints on the market. Installers love their installation qualities, often saving time per install over other brands due to Global’s renowned SR coating and ease of install over heater lines and dot-matrix.  Customers love the factory-look on their cars and can have the confidence with Global’s limited lifetime warranty on QDP, HP and Ceramic films.

All of our automotive films offer 99% UV reduction and heat-rejection qualities. Choose a 20% or darker for privacy in the rear of a vehicle, as well as giving great glare reduction to improve the comfort of your passengers- human and animal! Window films also add to the safety and security by holding much of the glass together in case of an impact.

  • Improve aesthetics
  • Create privacy in the rear of a vehicle
  • Cuts out 99% of UV
  • Reduces heat and glare
  • Can hold glass fragments together in the event of collision of vandalism

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